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what we do

Pastured Pork

Our hogs live like hogs should live – out on pasture with the freedom to root, wallow and forage on the land! We name them all and give them plenty of time and attention. We raise happy, healthy pigs on pasture and this leads to better tasting and more nutricious meat. 

Fruit, Berries & Produce

Not only are we chemical free and Non GMO, we are planning and planting for the next generation. We do this through building healthy soil, fostering biodiversity and increasing our capacity for sustainable growing practices. 

Soap & Skincare

What you put on your skin matters, that's why we make all natural soap and skincare products. Just like the food you eat, what you put on your skin matters too, that why we use only natural, healthy, sustainable ingredients for all of our skincare products.

Value Added Products

Jams & Jellies, Hot Sauce, Fresh Baked Bread, Woodworking and More! What we don't grow or produce on our land, we purchase from other local growers or sustainable sources. Great local products without any guilt – that's a win-win! 

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