About Wood Frog Farm

Welcome to our Homestead!

This blog, this business, this lifestyle is a journey for us. Like many people, Jill and I found ourselves swept up in the mainstream, large scale, disposable way of living.  We are on a journey back to the roots of what is really important to us – healthy food, quality products, caring for the environment, and a simpler way of life. We want to slow way down and pursue  a higher quality of everything.

We see modern homesteading as a community of people who have begun this journey for many different reasons. Our journey started when we learned that we were about to bring our first child, our son John, into this world. Suddenly all of our choices would now directly impact the life of another human being. It was a wake-up call.

Like many new parents, our focus shifted quickly to learning how to best care for a brand new little baby who was already completely dependent on us.   It started with food – is it healthy? what’s in it? will this cause allergies? – and quickly progressed from there. It seemed the more we tugged at the strings of the large scale, industrial system, the more it unraveled and the more we wanted to look for or create healthy alternatives.

So, for us, our journey began with a child, some cloth diapers and a small garden about a decade ago and has evolved into the budding homestead we call Wood Frog Farm. We have learned a lot over the years and we hope to share this knowledge through our blog and by offering educational events and tours at our farm.  We also have a lot to learn and we’ll share those experiences too.

We hope you’ll join us on our journey and that you’ll COME GROW WITH US!