Welcome to our homestead!

This buisiness and lifestyle is a journey for us. Like many people, Jill and I found ourselves swept up in the mainstream, large scale, disposable way of living. We are on a journey back to the roots of what is really important to us – healthy food, quality products, caring for the environment and a simpler (even if more difficult) way of life. We want to slow way down and prusue a higher quality of everything.

We see modern homesteading a a movement of people, each on their own journey away from the larger scale disposoble way of living, toward a higher quality and more sustainable way of life. Our journey started when we learned that we were about to brin our first child, our son John, into this world. Suddenly all of our choices were directly impacting the life of another human being – one that we could no longer deny or avoid because he was ours. It was a wake-up call and a shift in our way of thinking about the world.

It started with a lot of questions about the food we were consuming. We started looking at ingredients and nutrition, and how and where it was grown or raised. It seemed the more we tugged at the strings of the larger scale industrial system the more it unraveled and we soon realized we wanted nothing to do with it anymore.

What started with a child, a few chickens and a small garden over a decade ago has evolved into a budding homestead we call Wood Frog Farm – a Chemical Free, Non Gmo farm and homestead!


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